139 – Mastering Business Storytelling with Video Marketing

June 04, 2024

In this episode of “The Business Behind Your Business” podcast, host Paul Sweeney interviews Dave Power, the founder of Power Creative, to explore the transformative power of video storytelling for business owners. With over 25 years of experience, Dave shares his insights on how to effectively use video to promote and grow your business by […]

138 – Are You Paying Too Much Tax? Unlock The Power of End-of-Year Tax Planning

May 24, 2024

Do you feel confused about what you should be doing for your business at the end of the financial year? Do you feel pressure to buy, buy, buy with the EOFY sales? Or do any of these concerns  around business taxes sound familiar? Scrambling to find the cash to make your tax payments Withholding spending […]

137 – Adapt or Vanish: Navigating Business Disruption in the Age of AI

May 07, 2024

What should business owners do when new technology threatens to derail their business? Close down or find a new path? This was the dilemma experienced by professional copywriter Leanne Shelton (Write Time Marketing). With the avalanche of artificial intelligence taking over much of content creation, Leanne made the challenging decision to pivot her business and […]

136 – Unlocking Opportunities: Navigating Business in Uncertain Times

April 23, 2024

There’s so much uncertainty in the world and it can feel hard to confidently lead your small business when the path ahead is unclear. Today we’re joined by Jim Mills, the managing director of Merit Planning Hills, to look at some strategies to help guide businesses during difficult times. Jim looks at some of the […]

135 – Beyond Credit Cards: Best Alternatives for Funding Your Business

April 10, 2024

As a small business owner, do you fall back on your business credit card for everything? While using these credit cards is very popular, it’s important to recognise when there are better solutions. We are joined by Jason Smith (Capital Plus Finance) for a frank discussion on how credit cards can be misused by businesses, […]

134 – Save Your Business Money by Improving Employee Engagement and Retention

March 28, 2024

Does your business struggle with a constant turnover in employees? This is an issue for many businesses and the cost of hiring and onboarding new employees is high. Or perhaps you have some amazing employees and you want to learn more about how to retain them? We are joined by Paul Cripps from PK People […]

133 – Strategic Insights: Unveiling the Power of Three-Way Forecasting

March 19, 2024

In this episode we’ll be exploring the transformative power of Three-Way Forecasting and how it can revolutionize your approach to financial planning and decision-making. Understanding Three-Way Forecasting: What exactly is Three-Way Forecasting? We break down this concept into digestible pieces, explaining how it integrates income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. Learn why this […]

132 – 5 reasons why your business plan can fail

March 01, 2024

If you watched our last episode, you will have learned that it is never too late to make a business plan. You can also download our Simple Business Plan Template to get started. In this episode, we look at some of the common mistakes business owners make when creating and using business plans. So look out for […]

131 – It’s Not Too Late to Make a Business Plan

February 16, 2024

What are your business and personal goals for the year? What plans have you made? How will you implement these plans? How will you assess if your goals are being met? If these questions leave you feeling overwhelmed, never fear! It’s NEVER too late to make a business plan. Find out the benefits of making […]

130 – The Year in Review

January 10, 2024

The 2023 calendar year has drawn to a close. For many, it was still a year of hangover effects from covid and poorer economic conditions. For many others, it was a year of substantial growth and increased profits. So what set those businesses apart? In this episode, our host Paul Sweeney reflects on some of […]

129 – Choosing an Accountant for Your Business

November 30, 2023

What do you need to consider when choosing an accountant for your business? It’s an important decision –  getting the right accountant for your needs can help you build a profitable and healthy business. Here are some key factors to consider: What services does your business need? What are your values? What are the qualifications […]

128 – How Audit Insurance Can Save You Time and Money

November 14, 2023

One of the accepted risks of running a business is being audited by the tax department. Nowadays, there are multiple government agencies that you and your business  may need to deal with, apart from just the Australian Tax Office and possible income tax audits. With increased data sharing between government organisations, it has become much […]

Business Owners: 10 books you need to read

As a business owner, you may feel you are too busy to read. Or perhaps you think your business is on track – what’s reading going to do? One of the best pieces of advice I received in my early years as an accountant and before starting my own business, was to read regularly. In […]

Introducing The Business Behind Your Business

Welcome to The Business Behind Your Business podcast, conversations to help your business grow and thrive. It’s like having your own board of expert advisors in your pocket. The Business Behind Your Business team of expert advisors will take a deep dive into the problems faced by business owners everywhere. Just like successful athletes and […]

New Roads: Your business opportunities await

Are you ready to grasp new opportunities? People are starting to think more about how they can improve the ways that they run their business or look for new business opportunities to grow their profits, to grow their income. There is a lot of talk in the business community from people wanting to start or […]

Business Resources You Need

The best business resources are here, at your fingertips. We’ve released podcasts on many issues facing business owners. Here is your one-stop shop for all of the resources mentioned in the podcasts, and organised under topics to make them easy to find.

Behind the Scenes – How we put our podcast together

You don’t need a lot of gear to get started. That’s one of the great things about podcasts. We like to keep it simple and make it as easy as possible for our presenters and guests. We enjoy the interaction of being face to face.

Cyber Security: Is your business prepared?

We’ve summarised some key points from our cyber security podcasts: Is your business appropriately protected from cyber crime? Do you have specific cyber insurance coverage? What happens if there’s a cyber attack and I have to make a claim? What’s the process? When it comes to cyber security, the weakest link is the user – the actual human being behind the computer.

Using technology to make your business more profitable

Technology is wonderful for business. It helps you deliver a more efficient, consistent and effective outcome. But we can also fall into the trap of spending money on software and technology that we don’t really need. You’re in business to make a profit. And you should use technology to help you increase profit.

1 – Welcome to The Business Behind Your Business

Welcome to The Business Behind Your Business podcast – conversations to help your business grow and thrive. It’s like having your own board of expert advisors in your pocket. Join your host Paul Sweeney and our team of expert advisors as we take a deep dive into the problems, and solutions for issues faced by […]

2 – How Your Business Can Benefit by Using External Advisors

When business goals are not being achieved, it generally means that there are two or three key issues that haven’t been solved satisfactorily. Long term solutions are required to prevent the business owner from ‘putting out the same fires’ over and over again. It’s accepted that every business will have a dozen or more issues, […]

3 – Discover Why You Should be Extracting Wealth from Your Business

Why did you go into business anyway? Freedom? Lifestyle? Wealth? Those are some of the most common reasons why people start up their own business. But to gain these benefits, you need to extract wealth from your business throughout the life of your business. The day will come when you are no longer in business. […]

4 – Why Your Human Resources Strategy is an Important Part of Your Business Strategy

Paul Cripps, founder of PK People Solutions discusses how there is often more than one aspect to a business human resources issues, and how an “advisor team” approach can deliver more effective outcomes in terms of employee motivation, effectiveness and profitability. Paul Cripps provides operational and strategic HR solutions in collaboration with business leaders and […]

5 – Why Being Prepared is Crucial for a Successful Finance Application

Why do finance applications get rejected? Why won’t my bank lend to me? How can a broker help me find the right type and source of finance for me? Jason Smith, from Capital Plus Finance, answers these questions and more. What does a business need to do to prepare for a finance application and what […]

6 – Advice and Agreements Essential for Every Business Owner

Understanding your rights and obligations and making sure you have essential legal agreements in place is crucial for every business. Start off on the right track when your relationships with business partners are still in the honeymoon phase. Law ultimately is about relationships. It’s about managing relationships between people. Philip van den Heever from Frank […]

7 – Four Key Things to Focus on to Financially Manage Your Business

In this episode we’re grateful to be able to share with you an interview from Alive 90.5’s Grow the Business – People Edition. Paul Sweeney is talking with Alive 90.5 hosts Paul Cripps and Kylie Thomas about 4 key areas to managing your business through and beyond the current crisis. These four areas as being key to managing […]

8 – Why Your Mindset is Critical for Personal and Business Success

Why do business owners feel stuck, and fail in achieving their personal and business goals? In this episode, Harry Nathoo from Keystone Business Advisory explains how a mindset of resilience can help you the business owner to not only survive, but thrive as we navigate through this crisis and beyond. Harry Nathoo has a proven […]

9 – IT Requirements for Business – How You Can Avoid Costly Mistakes

What are the common  IT requirements for any business ? How you can avoid costly mistakes with your purchasing? Computers and Information Technology have become essential for businesses. A new computer, usually on sale,  is often one of the first purchases made for a new business. However, there is a danger that on-sale and free […]

10 – Signs You Need to Monitor to Avoid Financial Distress

There are some very common tell-tale signs of when a business is under financial distress and heading for trouble. As a business owner there are some key aspects to running your business that you must proactively manage. Bruce Gleeson from Jones Partners explains why managing cash flow and your compliance obligations are fundamental in avoiding […]

11 – Keeping Yourself Motivated as an Entrepreneur

It can be easy to stay motivated when your business is going well – but what about when things are hard? What do you do to keep yourself on track and maintain that passion for your business? Raj Nathoo, from Keystone Business Advisory, suggests we need to do two things. Firstly, he suggests we need […]

12 – How Scaling Your Business Reduces Your Risk

When we start a business,  we do so because  we want freedom. Then we become slaves to that business, and unless we grow by using scale to grow our business, we are not going to enjoy the freedom we want. Jim Mills, Financial Advisor with Merit Planning Hills, discusses this dilemma that faces most business owners. If […]

13 – How to Make Sales in the New Business Environment

Our guest speaker, Harry Nathoo from Keystone Business Advisory, explores the topic of making great sales in difficult, changing times. Some key areas include: developing an overall strategy for marketing and sales targeting your sales efforts to make the most out of the marketing budgets of small businesses the importance of training sales staff No […]

14 – How Your Business Can Use Business Loans

Sandra Zalud, from Liberty Network Services, discusses the ways that businesses can use business loans. While funding is always an issue when starting a business, a business loan isn’t available until a business has been trading profitably for 2 or more years. There are many other ways that a business loan can be used. For […]

15 – Moving Your Business IT to a Cloud Environment

Cloud solutions aren’t just for large businesses. Small businesses can also benefit from using tools that are cloud-based. Having data in the cloud allows users to access information quickly, which enables small businesses to make decisions and react to change effectively. Luke Iacovelli, from UNITECH Solutions, discusses the importance of having your business IT in […]

16 – Understanding Business Insurances and Why It’s Risky Not to Use a Broker

You may be an expert in your business – but do you know much about protecting your business? How about risk management? Most business owners don’t know very much about insurance and they don’t understand exactly  what insurances they will need. Dave Ferris, from DavelCorp Insurance Brokers, discusses why it’s so important for business owners […]

17 – Discover Better Ways to Fund Your Business

What kind of funding does your business need? What do you need to do before you seek funding? What are the steps involved in preparing and submitting your finance application? Are there alternatives to borrowing? Jason Smith, from Capital Plus Finance, discusses these issues and more. Your finance needs to be part of your overall […]

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