Understanding your rights and obligations and making sure you have essential legal agreements in place is crucial for every business. Start off on the right track when your relationships with business partners are still in the honeymoon phase.

Law ultimately is about relationships. It’s about managing relationships between people.

Philip van den Heever from Frank Law shares his thoughts on the legal advice and agreements essential for every business owner.

Many business owners don’t use a business lawyer. It’s often not thought to be necessary until something goes wrong. Like many situations for businesses, getting the right legal advice for your business should be an integral part of your initial business start up activities. If we engage a business lawyer early in the process of establishing a business generally we’re going to achieve a better outcome.

In this episode Philip explains some of the essential legal agreements every business needs. What they are? Why they are necessary? How do they provide protection? When should agreements be made? What is a shareholder’s agreement? How do you provide for equitable share of profit? What happens if one person wants to leave the business? What assets does the business need to protect?

Philip van den Heever is Frank Law’s Business Development Manager and Special Counsel of the Corporate and Commercial Advisory division. He has over 18 years of commercial litigation and employment law experience in both South Africa and Australia.

His deep understanding of corporate and employment law allows him to wisely direct his clients to succeed in their business development.


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