You may be an expert in your business – but do you know much about protecting your business? How about risk management? Most business owners don’t know very much about insurance and they don’t understand exactly  what insurances they will need.

Dave Ferris, from DavelCorp Insurance Brokers, discusses why it’s so important for business owners to have the right types of insurance and he looks at the role of a broker.

The first step an insurance broker takes is to get an understanding of your business, so that they can assess  your needs or potential needs and work out what your risk profile is.

One of the main benefits of using an insurance broker is that you get advice on what insurance is best going to suit your business and  your needs. Those who get their own insurance directly miss out on the advice and often get products that aren’t suitable.

Dave Ferris is the Senior Client Broker & Division Head (Enterprise Division) at DavelCorp Insurance Brokers. He has diverse insurance industry experience spanning over 35 years, that has included roles in Risk Management, General Insurance underwriting, Facultative reinsurance, Underwriting Agency Management and Insurance Broking.

Dave’s qualifications and experience well equip him to add significant value to his clients as a risk consulting insurance broker with a proven track record in tailoring unique risk transfer solutions for larger clients, groups and associations.

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