Why do finance applications get rejected? Why won’t my bank lend to me? How can a broker help me find the right type and source of finance for me?

Jason Smith, from Capital Plus Finance, answers these questions and more. What does a business need to do to prepare for a finance application and what are banks and other lenders looking for? How does your credit score affect your finance application and how can you look after your credit score?

Jason discusses why being prepared is crucial for a successful finance application.

As finance brokers, what we do have is the expertise and passion for getting the right result for our clients. And that not only means getting an approval but getting the very best solution the market has to offer.

There are many different types of equipment financing products and scenarios out there, and it can be hard to work out which one is best. An equipment finance broker uses their expertise to compare, source and process the best deals for your unique scenario, no matter what line of business you’re in.

There comes a time in almost every business’s journey where external financing is required to continue growing. Finance is therefore often seen as an accepted, yet complex part of running a small to medium enterprise (SME). Managing the operations of any business is challenging enough as it is, leading many SME owners to seek assistance in understanding the wide range of financing options and lenders available to them. When requesting support, your best port of call is a business finance broker.

Jason Smith has a passion for business, which started for him in 1996 when he bought his first business, a real estate franchise with a business partner. After selling the business in 2007 Jason started a Debtor Finance company in 2008 (CashFlow Advantage) and discovered his love of finance and assisting small business owners with their cash flow. In March 2018, Jason started Capital Plus Finance, a commercial finance broking company and he is back doing what he loves most, helping small businesses succeed by making sure they get the very best finance deal available and offering a great customer experience.


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