Why did you go into business anyway?

Freedom? Lifestyle? Wealth?

Those are some of the most common reasons why people start up their own business.

But to gain these benefits, you need to extract wealth from your business throughout the life of your business. The day will come when you are no longer in business. Don’t wait for that day to come to extract wealth. You may be disappointed!

In this episode, we are joined by Jim Mills who is the principle advisor and managing director of Merit Planning Hills.

Jim shares from his experience why it is so important for business owners to create and extract wealth from their business.

One of the key reasons we go into business is to create wealth and fund the lifestyle we want. It’s important to have a clear goal of what this looks like. And, you should always keep that end goal in mind and work towards achieving that goal.

Jim Mills is the Principle Advisor and Managing Director of Merit Planning Hills Pty Ltd, established in 2008. The Merit Planning team are financial strategy and wealth advisors, with a focus on working with small to medium business owners. They are passionate about ensuring Australian business owners see the benefit of their hard work in the form of significant personal wealth accumulation. In this ever changing economic and legislative landscape it is important to have a partner with a focus on active strategies that align with your strategic goals – both from a business and personal perspective.

Jim is well known across the financial service industry with over 25 years experience, previously holding executive positions in large financial institutions. He is backed by a team of qualified advisors and outstanding service personnel focused on seeing Australian businesses thrive. Jim holds a Bachelor of Business, Diploma of Financial Planning – RG146, Stock Broking, Estate Planning, SMSF specialist & Tax Financial Planning qualified.


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