When business goals are not being achieved, it generally means that there are two or three key issues that haven’t been solved satisfactorily. Long term solutions are required to prevent the business owner from ‘putting out the same fires’ over and over again. It’s accepted that every business will have a dozen or more issues, but in general there are three or four ‘make or break’ problems that stop a business owner reaching their goals.

The biggest issue of course is that ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’. In other words, while there are proven solutions to business problems, the business owner may not know the right questions to ask to find them. Instead, business owners will often resort to guess work and ‘band-aid’ solutions. A team of advisors in the form of a  Client Advisory Board  brings together information and advice from qualified, experienced business professionals.

A group of interconnected disciplines in a collaborative Board of Advisors help you, the business owner, work on the common goal of building a valuable business.

Discover how your business can benefit by using a team of external advisors.

Hear from Paul Sweeney (Pretium Solutions Chartered Accountants and Certified Business Advisors); Bruce Gleeson (Jones Partners Insolvency & Business Recovery); Jason Smith (CapitalPlus Finance); Dave Ferris (Davelcorp Insurance Brokers); Luke Iacovelli (Unitech IT Solutions); Harry Nathoo (Keystone Business Advisory); and Paul Cripps (PK People Solutions).

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