Our guest speaker, Harry Nathoo from Keystone Business Advisory, explores the topic of making great sales in difficult, changing times.

Some key areas include:

  • developing an overall strategy for marketing and sales
  • targeting your sales efforts to make the most out of the marketing budgets of small businesses
  • the importance of training sales staff

No sales means no business, so this is an area of importance for all business owners.

Harry Nathoo has a proven track record of success in sales and marketing,  strategic partnerships and business planning and start-ups. Harry has worked closely with top ASX companies, SME’s, NFP’s and within the Public sector. Through his legal background, Harry has the expertise to advise clients and draws from a wide range of solid business skills to assist him in guiding his clients to build a road map to higher levels of personal achievement and business growth.

To learn more about how you can improve sales for your business, contact Harry at harry.nathoo@keyactlearn.com


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