Paul Murray, founder of AccountKit, shares his experience of the start-up process from an idea, to a minimum viable product, to now having an established business that recently celebrated it’s 5th Anniversary. Paul Murray shares some key lessons for anyone contemplating starting a business or for anyone who has already launched their business.

Key points raised by Paul include:

  • Importance of identifying a product where there is an existing need and customer base
  • Starting with a minimum viable product
  • Listening to your customers before adding new features
  • Realistic time frames for break-even – how long should you expect to fund your business before it generates positive cash flow?
  • What you can do to overcome “fear of failure”?

Paul Murray is the co-founder of AccountKit, co-director of his own accounting firm with his wife, father of three and an avid gamer harking back to his days prior to accounting.

AccountKit is the Swiss Army Knife for accountants and bookkeepers, providing a variety of cloud-based tools to streamline and automate day-to-day tasks, giving them the Power to Perform at their absolute best!

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