Paul Sweeney and Paul Cripps discuss three essential tools that every business needs.

  1. Accounting software – accounting (including payroll), bookkeeping, taxation
  2. CRM Software – Customer Relationship Management Software
  3. Sales Tools – the process where a prospect commits to buying from you

Accounting Software
Accounting is, as everyone knows, an integral part of operating any business. Accounting software helps you to make more efficient use of your time and facilitates the monitoring of cash flow, expenditure, tax filing and other essential business data. Keeping your books accurate and up-to-date is integral to smooth business operation.

Customer Relationship Management Software
One of the best ways to better understand your relationship with customers and to drive business growth is to use a CRM software tool in order to better analyse the ways in which your business interacts with its customer base. Small businesses are able to successfully manage customer relationships through the best CRM for small businesses.

Sales Tools
A sales process refers to a series of repeatable steps a sales team takes to move a prospect from an early-stage lead to a closed customer.

Links to some of the resources discussed in the podcast:
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