In this episode of “The Business Behind Your Business” podcast, host Paul Sweeney interviews Dave Power, the founder of Power Creative, to explore the transformative power of video storytelling for business owners. With over 25 years of experience, Dave shares his insights on how to effectively use video to promote and grow your business by capturing the audience’s attention and building trust.

Dave emphasizes the importance of planning and strategy in video production, explaining how a well-thought-out plan can save time and resources. He discusses the significance of collaborating with professional writers and interviewers to capture the right message and avoid common pitfalls. Dave also highlights the balance between self-generated content and professionally produced videos, offering practical advice on when to use each approach.

Listeners will gain valuable insights into the different types of video content, including testimonials, case studies, and product demonstrations. Dave provides guidance on setting budgets and expectations, discussing various pricing models and the importance of aligning your budget with your goals and project complexity. He stresses that investing in professional video production can enhance your brand’s credibility and reach.

Tune in to learn from Dave Power’s extensive experience and discover how to effectively use video to tell your business story, connect with your audience, and drive success. Visit Power Creative to learn more about Dave and his team’s work, and explore the resources and examples available on their website.

Dave Power Power Creative are producers of video content for brands and businesses, globally & locally.

With an in-depth industry experience since 2001, the company founded by Dave Power has led to clients ranging from the individual looking to produce philanthropist media content, a family heritage documentary through to commercial and scalable internal corporate comms video content.

Their portfolio covers a range of sizes in business, from a smaller business through to clients such as Wesfarmers, Mirvac and Rare Cancers Australia.

You can view their portfolio of work here: