In our 50th Episode, Bruce Gleeson is back to share his 10 Essential Steps to Take Now If Your Business is in Crisis.

After our last conversation with Bruce, which was only a couple of weeks ago, we discussed “What you should be doing when your business is in trouble”. Some of the feedback we received was, “Thank you. That’s great advice. Can we get some practical steps on what we should be doing?”

Bruce Gleeson is back to share his tips to help businesses, particularly family businesses, through what is  an ongoing difficult period.

Crisis management is the design of strategies to help a business deal with a sudden and significant negative or “black swan” event. Many small to medium enterprises (“SME’s”) typically do not have the kind of detailed plan that larger businesses and emergency response organisations have. Given the Covid-19 delta variant has led to a 2nd round of lockdowns across various states within Australia, here are 10 steps to help SME’s both now and in the short term.

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Bruce Gleeson is a Director and Owner in Jones Partners, a firm that provides tailored solutions to companies (particularly small to medium enterprises) and individuals in financial difficulty or that require restructuring assistance, exit planning advice or general strategic advice.

He has in excess of twenty (25) years in corporate insolvency, restructuring, exit planning and bankruptcy experience. Bruce has also held roles in commerce with several Top 100 Companies (James Hardie and AMP) to further add to his professional skills in areas such as compliance and project management.

Bruce is a Registered Liquidator, Registered Trustee in Bankruptcy and a Justice of the Peace (NSW).

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