How do you manage talent when everyone is working remotely?

It’s a question being asked by many business owners and managers during these current periods of uncertainty and continued COVID lockdowns.

So how do we manage our employees who are working virtually?

Harry Nathoo and Paul Cripps discuss how we can achieve this. They suggest that we need to move beyond traditional viewpoints on managing employees. Traditionally input based and time based management are not effective.

COVID has provided a requirement for business to change the way they do work, and what that means for employees and their managers.

Harry and Paul discuss the need for Trust, Transparency, Communication and Flexibility as being essential in managing your employees for the best possible outcomes, not solely for your business but also for your employees well being.

Links to some of the resources discussed in the podcast:

Gartner also have a free eBook available Prepare for a Hybrid Future of Work

Paul Cripps, founder of PK People Solutions, provides operational and strategic HR solutions in collaboration with business leaders and key stakeholders He helps businesses to align the activity of their workforce to the business strategy to improve performance and profitability Paul is a licensed member of the HR Coach Network – the largest independent HR Coaching Network in Australia. His HR corporate career has spanned over 20 years (in Australia and the UK) for QBE Insurance, GE, Allianz, Willis Towers Watson and BNY Mellon.

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Harry Nathoo from Keystone Active Learning has a proven track record of success in sales and marketing,  strategic partnerships and business planning and start-ups. Harry has worked closely with top ASX companies, SME’s, NFP’s and within the Public sector. Through his legal background, Harry has the expertise to advise clients and draws from a wide range of solid business skills to assist him in guiding his clients to build a road map to higher levels of personal achievement and business growth.

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