We are joined by Anna Ruth from Freedom for Humanity for an eye-opening chat about modern slavery.  Freedom for Humanity is an organisation committed to creating a world where human rights are upheld, and all individuals can flourish and thrive.

In this conversation we delve into Anna’s profound insights, her passion for human rights, and the incredible work being done by Freedom for Humanity to make a positive impact on our global community.

You may be surprised to know what activities fall under the umbrella of modern slavery and how prevalent it is. Learn about restrictions and monitoring being placed on large businesses to help combat slavery.

And if you are a small business owner and think, “What does this have to do with my business?” then listen in. Find out how small businesses need to manage tendering and supply chains to help stamp out modern slavery.

For more information, or to get involved in the fight against modern slavery, check out Freedom for Humanity’s website.

Anna Ruth has degrees from Monash University and The University of Queensland, and has worked and travelled around the world.  After learning of Modern Slavery destroying the lives of millions of people worldwide every day and being one of the largest and most lucrative criminal enterprises on the planet, she was compelled to act and founded Freedom for Humanity to help end this terrible scourge.  Anna has dedicated much of her time over the past 6+ years to building Freedom for Humanity Ltd., leading a team of dedicated and passionate volunteers and the Board of Directors, with the aim to raise funds and awareness to fight Modern Slavery both in Australia and overseas.

Contact Anna at  anna@freedomforhumanity.org.au


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