As a small business owner, have you ever thought about doing business with large companies and decided it was never going to happen because it was just ‘too hard’ or the differences between your business and theirs were just too great?

Find out how to successfully bridge the gap between small businesses and larger businesses. Learn about why small business owners can struggle to get contracts with larger businesses – and how to overcome these issues.

We are joined by Bronwyn Reid, from Small Company, Big Business. Bronwyn has a wealth of experience helping the business community work together better. From looking at winning contracts to understanding the mindset of big business, Bronwyn helps small business owners develop the skills to work successfully with larger companies. And Bronwyn also helps those larger companies gain insight into the benefits of working with small companies.

Learn more about Bronwyn’s strategies in her book, ‘Small Company Big Business: How to find, keep and win big customers.’

Bronwyn is also the author of ‘Small Company, Big Crisis’. Find out what you need to do to prepare your business for the next big crisis, and how to come out even stronger.

Bronwyn Reid is a successful business owner, bestselling author of two books, and winner of multiple business awards. Her books have been dubbed THE text books for small company – big business relationships. Now, as organisations become more aware of their ESG obligations, Bronwyn’s expertise and experience are critical to business success.

Bronwyn and her companies have spent a lifetime being smaller suppliers to big organisations. Her environmental consultancy counts giants BHP, Rio Tinto and Glencore amongst their client base, as well as international research organisations and all levels of Government. She has also been on the other side of the big company/small business transaction, having worked in Corporate for many years – both within Australia and overseas. She understands, and fixes, the issues that prevent more valuable, profitable and long-lasting commercial relationships between the big and small end of town.

Bronwyn is the “Google Translate” app for small business – big company relationships. She writes regularly for several SME publications including First 5000 (Medium-size business market), Kochies Business Builders and Inside Small Business. She is a regular conference speaker, for both corporate and SME audiences, and appears regularly on radio and business-related podcasts. She has been a member of BHP’s Local Buying Program Advisory Committee for 10 years.

Bronwyn’s books are also available on Amazon:
Small Company Big Business: How to find, keep and win big customers
Small Company, Big Crisis

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