You may have heard that Australia is adopting eInvoicing, a new standard and network to help businesses with their invoicing needs.

Larissa Walker, the ATO’s eInvoicing Business Adoption Lead, joins us to raise awareness of eInvoicing and to share information on the many benefits to businesses.

When we’re talking about eInvoicing, this isn’t just the act of emailing your invoice to another business and expecting payment. eInvoicing is a new method to exchange invoices that is revolutionising invoicing.

Small businesses will be able to access eInvoicing through their cloud accounting systems. eInvoices are sent to businesses directly through the accounting software via the eInvoicing network by using a business’s ABN as an address. It is very simple to set up and use.

Everything is online and more secure than email.

It means there is no more data entry and you’ll get more accurate invoices, fewer mistakes and no more lost invoices.

It also reduces the risk of invoice fraud and scams.

Learn more about eInvoicing from the ATO or register your business for eInvoicing.


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