As a business owner, have you ever avoided getting advice because it was too expensive, then had to fix up a legal problem which cost even more money? Have you turned down opportunities because getting advice was too hard and too expensive? Do you worry about being appropriately covered for risk but not sure who to turn to?

Running a successful business means staying up-to-date with your responsibilities and setting things up correctly to minimise risk. And many of these important details and tasks are legal requirements of your business.

James Frank from Frank Law shares information on their legal advice subscription service, Law @ Work, and how this type of service can simplify your legal obligations, help you minimise risk, and keep your business on track. Learn how getting proactive legal advice rather than reactive legal advice will help you build a better business.

James Frank from Frank Law is an experienced and innovative Corporate Lawyer dealing primarily in Governance, Advisory, Restructuring and Litigation matters. He also holds an Advanced Certificate in Insolvency from the Australian Restructuring, Insolvency and Turnaround Association. James has a passion for innovation and technology, and is experienced in building and scaling starts ups.

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