How can we support better mental health in our communities and workplaces?
What training is available to help workplaces promote mental health and recognise when someone needs help?
Who can you turn to if you are worried about the mental health of someone at work or at home?

Michael van Dyk from The Black Dog Institute shares some of the key things that the Black Dog Institute does, including:

  • raising awareness and breaking down the stigma around mental illness
  • helping people find support
  • suicide prevention
  • training businesses and professionals to recognise the signs that someone needs help and how to get them that help
  • what supports are out there for small and medium businesses

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Michael van Dyk is a Workplace Engagement Manager at the Black Dog Institute where he has worked for the last 7 years. Over the last three years Michael has been responsible for the successful roll out of Manager and Staff training to NSW businesses as part of the NSW Governments’ Mentally Healthy Workplaces strategy. These programs have become a key response by the NSW Government to COVID-19 to support businesses during this difficult time. Michael also delivers lived experience presentations, where he shares his own personal mental health story to help educate audiences about mental health and illness, and to break down the stigma associated with mental illness.

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