Part 2 of our Future of Work series with Harry Nathoo from Keystone Active Learning.

What skills will you need to successfully navigate the future of work?

The future of work is characterised by rapid and large-scale changes that will affect all industries, in how work gets done over the next decade. This will be influenced by technological, generational, and social shifts. For example, the growing adoption of artificial intelligence in the workplace and the adoption of a more flexible workplace and workforce.

While technology is the biggest influencer driving the future of work, organisations will also need to change and shift in how they are going to operate, by not only adopting a flexible workplace, but also taking the following into consideration:

  • Whether they are going to adopt a flexible working environment? For example, adopting a hybrid working model.
  • How are they going to humanise the workplace? By this I mean, how are they going to change the current status quo of an employee being a worker in the organisation, to an employee being a person of value and integrity in the organisation?
  • How are they going to clearly define goals and expectations, and then inspiring, energising, and empowering their employees?
  • How are they going to give their employees the opportunity to learn and develop new skills?

Harry Nathoo from Keystone Active Learning has a proven track record of success in sales and marketing,  strategic partnerships and business planning and start-ups. Harry has worked closely with top ASX companies, SME’s, NFP’s and within the Public sector. Through his legal background, Harry has the expertise to advise clients and draws from a wide range of solid business skills to assist him in guiding his clients to build a road map to higher levels of personal achievement and business growth.

You can contact Harry at

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