Does your business struggle with a constant turnover in employees? This is an issue for many businesses and the cost of hiring and onboarding new employees is high.

Or perhaps you have some amazing employees and you want to learn more about how to retain them?

We are joined by Paul Cripps from PK People Solutions to look at these issues and more.

Paul highlights some of the Key Takeaways from the 2024 HR Industry Benchmark Report. This latest report published by ELMO highlights the emerging and alarming trends, challenges, and opportunities in the realm of human resources.


Paul also shares effective strategies for you to develop high levels of employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention:

  • Implement effective feedback mechanisms
  • Promote work-life balance
  • Create career development opportunities


Key points for employers:

  • Why Engagement matters and what should be measured
  • Learn the five most common actions a business can take to enhance Employee Engagement
  • How improved Employee Engagement aids retention


Paul Cripps, founder of PK People Solutions, provides operational and strategic HR solutions in collaboration with business leaders and key stakeholders He helps businesses to align the activity of their workforce to the business strategy to improve performance and profitability Paul is a licensed member of the HR Coach Network – the largest independent HR Coaching Network in Australia. His HR corporate career has spanned over 20 years (in Australia and the UK) for QBE Insurance, GE, Allianz, Willis Towers Watson and BNY Mellon.

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