Running your own business is amazing, right? The freedom, the power, the money – more like, the STRESS!

Stress is something that everyone experiences, but for small business owners, it can feel extreme as you try to grapple with every problem imaginable and find solutions to please everyone. It’s an uphill battle that can leave you feeling very much alone.

There are strategies to help you deal with this common issue. Fiona Kane, from Informed Health, explores some ways that business owners can better manage stress. She also takes a closer look at the links between stress and eating.

Find out what tools should be in your mental health toolkit. Learn ways to better support yourself and your team. Know the signs for when you need extra help.

Fiona Kane is an experienced and award winning Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Holistic Counsellor and Mind Body Eating Coach. Fiona does one-on-one nutrition and coaching consultations with individuals via Telehealth video and in person at her Kurmond clinic and also runs online group health programs. Fiona is also a speaker on health and nutrition, doing workplace wellbeing and supporting gym health challenges – with appearances on 2GB, Ticker TV, 6PR, ABC Radio and Triple M.





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