Sales is commonly listed as a problem area for businesses. But where to begin with fixing things? What can you do to improve your sales?

Nathan Williams, founder of Customer Return, joins us to look at some of the biggest sales issues faced by businesses including:

  • Developing the right pitch
  • Creating a sales process that works
  • How you can target your ‘ideal’ client
  • Getting repeat sales
  • Dealing with referrals

Nathan Williams has won, coached clients to win and judged ‘Pitch Competitions’…while also presenting regularly for industry groups, associations and CEO networks on Pitching, Sales and Referrals.

Founder and Managing Director of a Sales Consulting company called Customer Return…Nathan holds a Master of Management from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management and has helped over 100 businesses from start – ups to Westpac and NAB to attract more of their ideal clients, faster.

Nathan’s content is practical and tactical…so you can best communicate your value and attract more of the ideal clients you deserve when you’re next in a Sales conversation and get asked…”So, what do you do?”
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