Do you struggle to forecast the right amount of stock to order?

Are your manual systems and processes letting you down?

Find out how ERP (enterprise resource planning) software, like Jiwa, can help your business be successful. It combines inventory management, accounting and other tools in one complete package. Getting the right business tools can make a world of difference. David Fisk, the business development manager from Jiwa, showcases their ERP solutions.

Jiwa has developed an all-encompassing ERP software with the goal to streamline your business processes, bringing you savings of time and money across the board.

Here are some of the ways that Jiwa can help your business:

  • Targeted at small to medium enterprises
  • Inventory management
  • Getting the Cost of Goods right
  • Managing comprehensive warehousing
  • Reporting that makes sense
  • Managing different pricing structures
  • All accounting processes

Jiwa is a robust, scalable and well-priced ERP solution that has the potential of reducing your costs and increasing your efficiencies and profit.

First implemented in 1995, Jiwa’s ERP System has continually evolved in its functionality to meet customer requirements and to take advantage of the latest technologies. Offering exceptional data integrity and software performance, it is used extensively in the import, distribution, manufacturing, warehousing and service industries.

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