Technology is wonderful for business, make no mistake. It helps you deliver a more efficient, consistent and effective outcome.

For instance, using technology to improve efficiency with compliance and administrative activities gives you more time and resources to apply to value-producing activities like marketing and sales.

But we can also fall into the trap of spending money on software and technology that we don’t really need.

You’re in business to make a profit. And you should use technology to help you increase profit.

Some points to think about:

  • Using free or paid apps?
  • Using what you’ve already paid for
  • Hiring the right expertise
  • Getting the right hardware
  • Know what you want to achieve

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Luke Iacovelli is the Sales Manager for UNITECH Solutions. He is responsible for a team of sales personnel and helps drive corporate selling of technology solutions to suit the many different clients under his portfolio. Working within the technology industry also requires constant training & personal development across the many changes faced within this sector.

Luke has industry qualifications from key vendors such as Microsoft, HP, VMware & Citrix (just to name a few). He prides himself on keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies, so that he is able to communicate these solutions to his clients. As the Sales Manager, Luke works closely with his Sales Team on ensuring they convey quality product knowledge and the delivery of efficient, cost effective Smart Solutions for their wide range of clients.

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