As businesses begin opening up, there is the added responsibility of enforcing the government’s mandate on restricted access to the unvaccinated. Some important questions need to be asked:

  • Are you confident about dealing with potentially aggressive confrontations at work?
  • What training do you or your staff have in handling conflict?
  • What are the benefits and what are the repercussions if you don’t?

Former British Police Bodyguard and Personal Safety expert, Steve Curtis, talks us through effective de-escalation strategy, the importance of integrating awareness and training into your customer service and the things you can do now to prepare yourself.

The HeadFirst Personal Safety De-Escalation Guide is available here.

Steve Curtis is a former London Police Officer, who recently moved to Australia with his family in 2019. During a 22 year career, he worked in a number of specialist roles including, Emergency Response, Specialist Firearms, Counter Terrorism, Hostage Rescue and Close Protection. Before leaving, he was bodyguard to Prime Ministers Theresa May and Boris Johnson, and upon arriving here he set about putting together a Personal Safety Course that now teaches people the same high level skills he used to protect others, allowing them to protect themselves.

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