Are you struggling to engage your employees who are working from home? Do you want better ways to support your remote team? Find out more about emotional intelligence and how a greater understanding of this skill can affect your business and help you all work as a cohesive team.

Managing remote workforces has its challenges. Given how common this situation is, it’s worth learning the skills to help make remote work a success. Help support your employees so that they can continue to give the best to your business.

Raj Nathoo from Keystone Business Advisory explores the topic of emotional intelligence and how you can use it to meet the challenges of supporting a remote workforce. Emotional intelligence is seen as an important skill for workplace success.

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Raj Nathoo is a Business Growth Facilitator & Coach at Keystone Business  Advisory.  He is driven by wanting to make a positive difference by working with individuals and organisations in their endeavor to succeed and grow. Raj has a multitude of skills and experiences as an entrepreneur, and understands the stresses and indecision faced when trying to grow a business.

As a learning and development consultant, he has worked with managers and staff in identifying needs and how they can be incorporated into a strategic learning plan to help grow an organisation. Raj has a passion for working with SMEs that are keen to grow and implement new world thinking and concepts.

As an entrepreneur, Raj understands the stresses and indecisions that entrepreneurs face in the desire to grow their business and deliver a positive return on their investment. Raj’s accounting background, coupled with practical know-how, has helped him to identify key constraints in small businesses and advise clients on the best possible methods of overcoming challenges.

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