When it comes to cyber security, the weakest link is the user – the actual human being behind the computer. You could have the best systems in the world doing what they do best, but if someone clicks on something or does something at a user level, then you can potentially compromise a lot of the work.

The common misconception is that cyber security and cyber crime is an IT issue. It is, but it’s also a management and business issue. So everything from the user right through to the systems in the backend, everyone is responsible for being aware of security issues and everyone is responsible for trying to mitigate and avoid problems as much as possible. So it’s not just your IT supplier, or manager, or team that’s responsible for this – everyone across the organization needs to be. And it really starts with end user awareness.

Cyber crime is a professional business that exists. Not many people are aware of this, but cyber criminals have access to exactly the same systems that everyone else has. They’ve got development, they’ve got a black market, they’ve got everything that they need to be able to professionally attack your business and get that information.

Luke Iacovelli is the Sales Manager for UNITECH Solutions. He is responsible for a team of sales personnel and helps drive corporate selling of technology solutions to suit the many different clients under his portfolio. Working within the technology industry also requires constant training & personal development across the many changes faced within this sector.

Luke has industry qualifications from key vendors such as Microsoft, HP, VMware & Citrix (just to name a few). He prides himself on keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies, so that he is able to communicate these solutions to his clients. As the Sales Manager, Luke works closely with his Sales Team on ensuring they convey quality product knowledge and the delivery of efficient, cost effective Smart Solutions for their wide range of clients.


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