What are the traps businesses fall into with digital marketing? Where does your website fit in with your marketing strategy?

Claire Wendell from Click Click Media discusses the problems many businesses face when trying to get started with digital marketing. Claire states, “You really want to try with your online marketing to showcase who you are as a business. The behavior of consumers online – and your competitor – is just one click away. As opposed to retail where you might be the only shop in the vicinity and if customers want to go to somewhere else, they’ve got to walk – with the internet, it’s very easy for people to compare you with other businesses online.”

Good digital marketing is the difference between your advertising working or not working. If you get the website wrong and the website message wrong, and then go to Google ads or Facebook, you’re not going to get any inquiries. If businesses are saying, “Well, Google doesn’t work or Facebook doesn’t work,” there’s a reason the businesses are getting those results.

It really is focusing on what your key services are, your unique selling propositions, and the core values of your business. If you can display that as soon as someone looks at your website, in an instant, that’s what you need to do in an online way.

Claire Wendell founded Click Click Media in 2008. She felt there was a great need for a  personalised service that offered education and support to businesses in the online marketing field.

In recent years, Click Click Media has evolved to provide complete digital solutions to compete in a fast-paced digital world. They combine software engineers, business architects  and marketing experts to create next level and innovative solutions for their clients’ changing  needs.


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