Jason Smith, from Capital Plus Finance, shares his lessons learned from creating and successfully selling his business Cash Flow Advantage.

Jason didn’t start his business with a plan of selling. But the decisions he made and the systems he implemented transformed his business into a profitable business that ran independently of him.

When the time came to sell, Jason had a very saleable business that sold quickly at a good price.

“I was working more on strategy and systems and processes, and obviously making sure we had good credit policy because we were in the lending business. And it just dawned on me that you build businesses to have something that’s saleable at a point in the future. And you don’t necessarily have to sell it, but you really do want to have it so that it is a saleable business,” says Jason.

Books mentioned by Jason and Paul:
Atomic Habits by James Clear
Good to Great by Jim Collins
7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
Maximum Achievement: Strategies and Skills That Will Unlock Your Hidden Powers to Succeed by Brian Tracy

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Jason Smith has a passion for business, which started for him in 1996 when he bought his first business, a real estate franchise with a business partner.

After selling the business in 2007 Jason started a Debtor Finance company in 2008 (CashFlow Advantage) and discovered his love of finance and assisting small business owners with their cash flow.

In March 2018, Jason started Capital Plus Finance, a commercial finance broking company, and he is back doing what he loves most, helping small businesses succeed by making sure they get the very best finance deal available and offering a great customer experience.


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