What should business owners do when new technology threatens to derail their business? Close down or find a new path?

This was the dilemma experienced by professional copywriter Leanne Shelton (Write Time Marketing). With the avalanche of artificial intelligence taking over much of content creation, Leanne made the challenging decision to pivot her business and embrace AI by becoming an expert on ChatGPT and AI. Now, Leanne is using her writing expertise to help other businesses navigate the treacherous waters of ‘bad content’ as they jump onto AI to create their own marketing messages. By being adaptable, new avenues have opened up for Leanne.

Find out how your mindset can help you be flexible in your business planning and in  dealing with challenges. Your ability to pivot your business can determine your future success.

Leanne Shelton is an international ChatGPT trainer, keynote speaker, and human copywriter.

With her 9-year-old SEO copywriting agency, Write Time Marketing, struggling to convert in a tough economic climate, Leanne made the ultimate business pivot in May 2023. She decided to embrace (not escape) her shiny, new, and free competitor, ChatGPT.

Leanne quickly became a sought-after keynote speaker for summits and conferences, with multiple requests to run webinars, workshops, one-on-one sessions, and in-house organisational training. She now runs ‘The AI DIY Club’ membership, offering small business owners a safe space to explore and experiment with AI tools and prompts every week.

Featured in The Australian, ABC News, 6PR Perth Radio, Disrupt Radio, and various podcasts, she’s recognised as an AI Expert by LinkedIn Australia editors and Kate Toon’s Digital Marketing Collective Membership. In addition, Leanne hosts ‘The AI Train’ Podcast (formerly co-hosted with Tim King).

Outside of work life, Leanne is a newly converted running enthusiast, lover of dance, occasional yogi and meditator, engrossed reader of business books and psychological thrillers, a dedicated wife, and frazzled mum to two daughters.




@leanneshelton247 (Instagram)

‘The Leanne Shelton podcast’ – https://podkite.link/marketing-and-me

‘The AI Train’ podcast – https://shows.acast.com/the-ai-train