One of the accepted risks of running a business is being audited by the tax department. Nowadays, there are multiple government agencies that you and your business  may need to deal with, apart from just the Australian Tax Office and possible income tax audits. With increased data sharing between government organisations, it has become much more common to have audit activity triggered for things like payroll tax issues or not paying superannuation to employees.

To help us understand what is happening with audits, and how you can best prepare for them, we are joined by Rod Spicer from Accountancy Insurance. We’ll also learn about their Audit Shield service, a useful safeguard against the financial implications of an ATO audit.

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Rod Spicer is a qualified Chartered Accountant with more than 30 years’ experience in the accounting profession. He has held various roles senior management and Associate Director positions at an international accounting network. 

Rod has worked at Accountancy Insurance since 2013 and is the Associate Director of Claims and Underwriting. In this role, Rod is responsible for the operations of the Claims Department, policy wording development and the management of large and complex claims. 

Rod can be contacted on
or by calling 1300 797 231.