Did you know that a series of changes to industrial relations laws have been happening in Australia? Some have come into effect in Dec 2022 and others are happening throughout 2023. Many business owners are not aware of these changes.

It is necessary for business owners to keep on top of this information – ignorance is no excuse. Penalties will apply to businesses not following the new rules, once a law comes into effect.

Here’s a brief summary of the changes most likely to affect small and medium businesses:

  • Introduction of paid domestic violence leave
  • Changes to pay secrecy/confidentiality laws
  • Changes to discrimination laws (there are three new protected attributes – breastfeeding, gender identity and intersex status)
  • Changes to sexual harassment laws (comes into effect 6 March 2023)
  • Changes to the right to request flexible working arrangements (comes into effect 6 June 2023)
  • Changes to unpaid parental leave (comes into effect 6 June 2023)
  • Changes around the use of fixed-term contracts (comes into effect 7 December 2023)

To help you understand these IR changes and what it will mean to your business, we are joined by Paul Cripps (PK People Solutions) and Kylie Maxwell (Frank Law).

Paul Cripps, founder of PK People Solutions, provides operational and strategic HR solutions in collaboration with business leaders and key stakeholders He helps businesses to align the activity of their workforce to the business strategy to improve performance and profitability Paul is a licensed member of the HR Coach Network – the largest independent HR Coaching Network in Australia. His HR corporate career has spanned over 20 years (in Australia and the UK) for QBE Insurance, GE, Allianz, Willis Towers Watson and BNY Mellon.

Contact Paul Cripps at paul@pkpeoplesolutions.com.au


Kylie Maxwell, is a lawyer with Frank Law. Kylie specialises in  Employment Law, Not-for-Profit Law and Occupational Health and Safety Law, with 9 years corporate experience through Allens and having worked in-house for a Telco subsidiary. Kylie has  advised on disciplinary and termination issues of a shrinking 400 staff to minimise risk to the business; drafted executive contracts for Catholic church entities; settled discrimination dispute (carer responsibilities) for large aged-care facility; settled adverse action claim for an importer. Kylie has extensive experience in setting up and managing employer contractual frameworks. 

Contact Kylie Maxwell on her LinkedIn or by phone  +61 2 8607 7032 or email kmaxwell@franklaw.com.au


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