Paul Sweeney, the host of The Business Behind Your Business, is back and ready for another exciting year of delving into the world of small business.

We are settling into 2023 now with the Australian summer holidays fading into memory and busy routines returning. We are also seeing a push from many businesses to have staff back in the office after the last few years with many of us working from home. It’s a period of adjustment and assessment, both personally and for our businesses.

At this time of year, there is often a rush to set goals.

Yes, that’s important, but it is equally important to reflect on your business and ask yourself these vital questions:

  • How am I feeling as a business owner? Exhausted? Stressed? Energised? Optimistic? Something completely different?
  • Why did I go into business in the first place?
  • What am I passionate about? What gives me energy?
  • What’s happening in my business that I don’t enjoy? What saps my energy?

Time away from your business (on holidays or even just stepping out of the office and finding a quiet space) is a great time to touch base with how you as the business owner are going, both personally and in relation to your business. Are you on the same path? The right path?

Join Paul Sweeney for some important reflection in this episode. Paul also talks about the book ‘Your Oxygen Mask First‘ by Kevin Lawrence, which has some amazing insights on leadership and keeping a good balance in life.

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